Festie iOS App

Festie iOS App

Update: Festie is now available for download in the App Store!

Festie (see demo here) is an iPhone app centred around festivals that allows for collaboration in order to make the most out of your experience. I worked on this project together with my partner Ciaran Redmond who produced all the graphic work while I did all the coding (both client and server side).

The problem we tried to address with this app was that most digital map services today are still used simply as a source of information by their users. In our opinion digital maps should be a more dynamic type of media, which enables the public to annotate them to reflect real-time changes taking place in the real world and to ensure maximum benefit for everyone.

Our proposal is a digital media authoring tool which enables people through the combination of mass collaboration with digital maps to produce a digital map artefact that is collaboratively authored, updated in real time, that benefits both those who use it and those who create it, and that takes advantage of the network effect.

After our initial research and once we were happy with our core idea we narrowed the domain down to festivals to address issues we personally experienced as festival attendees in the recent past and also to fit the project better into our tight time scale.

Read more about the making of Festie here.